Can Julie Andrews pass the ‘wholesome test’? The answer is no.

Julie is even more perfect than I previously thought.

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do u ever ship something so hard

that you literally cant imagine either of them w someone else

like its not that you dont want to imagine them with someone else 

its that you cant

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female musical theatre characters // a female antagonist in a musical:

heather chandler | heathers the musical

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This is still an A+++++ line… just saying.

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for Jess

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but aren’t these the same garden??….?

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do you prefer galinda or glinda?

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So at the end of the Frozen Sing-Along Elsa was belting that high note like she does but then to her misfortune a paper snowflake landed right in her mouth. I was laughing so hard. Then when I saw that I actually captured photos of the occasion I started laughing even harder omg

let it goooo, let it—pleh pleh pleh

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Regina’s internal thought process.
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Regina’s internal thought process.

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